Polaris VES EXTREME Full Synthetic

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VES Extreme Duty Advantage: Ultimate performance demands the ultimate lubricant — that was the basis for Polaris VES Extreme. It has been verified in lab and race testing to be an unmatched 2-stroke oil in engine protection and cleanliness. This super-stable Ester based formula flows in extreme cold and maintains superior engine protection and lubrication in high heat, high RPM settings.


High-Performance Synthetic Formula: VES Extreme uses powersports grade PAO and Ester full synthetic base oils that deliver maximum performance and engine protection for Polaris 2-cycle snowmobile engines. Ultimate cold flow properties provide instant lubrication and cold start protection even in extreme subzero temperatures. Higher film strength reduces wear and doesn't break down in protection under the highest demands.


Next Generation Additive System: Proprietary anti-wear and detergency additives and our latest generation in dispersant technology helps keep internal parts looking like new, protect engine components and burn clean with less carbon deposits and buildup on critical engine components such as pistons, rings, and exhaust valves. Likewise, the additives prevent rust, provide superior corrosion protection of internal engine parts, and minimize the negative effects of ethanol blended fuels and moisture during off-season storage.