Ultimax XS Drive Belt - XS813

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Ultimax Belts by Timken Ultimax XS Drive Belt - XS813
  • Specially designed for todays high-horsepower sleds
  • Constructed of extra strong Aramax cord in a new manufacturing process, the new Ultimax XS is stronger, more dependable and will run cooler than any other belt on the market
  • And the extensive lab and field tests have proven it can withstand the punishment todays super-sleds dish out
Make Model Year
Polaris Classic FS 2006
Polaris Classic FST 2006
Polaris Dragon Turbo 2008-2010
Polaris IQ 550 LXT 2011-2013
Polaris IQ Cruiser FST 2007
Polaris IQ Cruiser Turbo 2008
Polaris IQ FST 2007
Polaris IQ Shift 550 2009
Polaris IQ Shift 550 w/121" track 2012-2013
Polaris IQ Shift 550 w/136" track 2012-2013
Polaris IQ Tour FST 2010
Polaris IQ Turbo 2011-2012
Polaris IQ Turbo LX 2010-2012
Polaris IQ Turbo LXT 2011-2014
Polaris LX IQ FST 2007
Polaris LX IQ Turbo 2008
Polaris Switchback FST 2006-2007
Polaris SwitchBack Turbo 2008-2009
Polaris Touring FS 2006
Polaris Touring FST 2006
Polaris Touring IQ FS 2007-2009
Polaris Touring IQ FST 2007-2009